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Who I Am

I’m originally from Germany, and now live in Las Vegas, NV.  I’m a mom of amazing two boys. 
I relocated to Las Vegas in 2012, and rebuilt my life after my almost 10 year marriage from the
father of my kids ended. When I moved to Vegas to be close to my sister who lives here, I had
nothing but a car, my two boys, and small amount of savings. Since then, I’ve built a successful
business called Results by Dina, LLC. Changing other people’s lives through fitness and positive
life coaching is very rewarding.

As a kid and teenager, I played soccer and tennis. But I had multiple reconstructive hip
surgeries, which put my dream to be a pro athlete on hold.
I’ve always admired bodybuilders and other athletes because of their hard work and dedication.
In my experience, nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy. I wanted that challenge of
getting in top shape and started training harder than ever.  Looking at my boys who were just 8
and 2 during that time, I knew I owed it to them to work hard to be the best to show them that
even though life can hit you unexpectedly, you can never give up and always keep pushing
towards bettering your situation.

After a year of hard work, and against all odds, I decided to compete as a National Physique
Committee (NPC) bodybuilding athlete.  I pushed through lots of pain and trials and went on
stage for the first time March 2014 with the National Gym Association (NGA).
I qualified for nationals at my second show in July 2014 with a 2nd place at the NPC Patriots
Challenge in Vegas and competed in many more competitions till my car accident in 2018 put
an end to it.

My typical preparation for a show was anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, training six days a week.
My prep includes weight training, cardio and flexibility training.  I prep my own meals, select
the right vitamins and various supplements.  During the pre-show dieting phase, all of this is
crucial to staying healthy, energetic, and happy.  I drink at least a gallon of water per day, get
plenty of rest, and enjoy seeing my body transform.

I love competing, but I also just love fitness and all the positive things it brings into your life.
People ask me about my lifting PR ( Personal Records). Honestly, my greatest physical
accomplishment is giving birth to two amazing boys. LOL


My biggest fitness competition accomplishment to-date was becoming one of four finalists in
the nationwide Flex Bikini Model Search, where I was subsequently published internationally
in Flex Magazine in 2015. (Check out my profile on Flex here!) I’m very proud to have been the
only mom who made it to this level. Being on the Olympia Stage September 2014 in front of so
many people here in Las Vegas was a dream come true!  Since then I was published in
MiMundo, Maestros, Brazil’s biggest MMA magazine and made it as the fitness model “FIT &
SEXY” September 2015 in  My published booty workout in South
America’s Muscular Development Latin was an honor! I’m truly blessed and grateful for all the
opportunities I been given. I’m a very lucky girl. I enjoyed writing a monthly column about
fitness and nutrition in Muscle Media Online.  Being able to share my knowledge and
experience to help others live a healthier and more active lifestyle made me happy. I especially
love to inspire other single moms, and moms in general, to be confident and follow their

My ultimate goal is to leave this world to my children, and next generations, as a healthier, fitter
and happier place. I have a passion for education, motivation, inspiration, and kindness.  I try to
make those things a part of my daily life, and I work hard to share my experience and love for a
healthy lifestyle with as many friends, family, and clients. Wake-up everyday and decide to be happy.

Have pride in how far you have come, and faith in how far you can go. Then jump out of bed and make it happen! Always be kind, and be somebody’s reason to smile daily.  A simple “good morning” can make somebody’s day!

Being a single mom is challenging at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My boys are my
world, my inspiration, and motivation to be the best I can be. They deserve an amazing life, and
for me to teach them that with hard work and kindness you can get anywhere you want in life. 

Dina’s Thoughts on Being a Personal Trainer and Working with Clients
I love using my knowledge in physical training and nutrition science to help others transform
not only their physiques, but also become overall happier and healthier. This is very rewarding!
Being patient with others is the key for me.  I like having a good sense of humor, and keeping
things interesting for my clients, so there is never a dull moment during training. My clients
leave their stress and worries at the door, and head-out a training session sweaty and yelling “I
don’t like you!”, but all with a smile on their faces, because they see and feel the results!  I
educate my clients, treat them with respect, encourage them, motivate them and hold them
accountable at the same time. I keep workouts fun, using new techniques and styles. Results by
Dina, after all, has turned-out to be the name of my business, and for a good reason!
I train men and women. I also specialize in training overweight children and teenagers as well.
It breaks my heart training obese young kids who are 11 years old but weigh 190 lbs.  They
struggle so much.  But the reward to watch them transform into confident, healthier, happier
and more active kids is PRICELESS!

About Fitness and Nutrition

Some people say that nutrition is 90% of fitness. I disagree. It takes both at a high level.  You
can’t out-train a bad diet, but just eating healthy won’t allow you to gain lean muscle, improve
your health, and you certainly won’t get a nice, shaped physique. Its scientifically proven that
workout & nutrition improves health to a higher % than diet or working out on its own.
If you want it ALL , give it your ALL!  I believe it takes 100% nutrition and physical activity for a
long, healthy and happy life. I used to think only guys could have six packs. Then I thought if they

can get one, so can I …even after having two kids! Being a mom is not a handicap. If you can give birth you can break a sweat in the gym! Lol I ask:  How important is it to you?  Do you really want it?  If the answer to these questions is “very much and yes”, then eat clean, train your abs three times a week, do cardio and use weights to add resistance.  Crunches, leg-lifts and mountain climbers alone won’t give you a six-pack, although it will keep your tummy flat.  You’ll need to challenge your abs like any other
muscle. It’s hard work, and really, you are what you eat.  No cheap processed foods, no refined
sugar, no breads, and no excessive dairy products.  A “clean diet” is made-up of whole foods
like potatoes, oats, brown rice, quinoa, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Fresh produce and
fresh meats and plant based protein sources over packaged processed foods!  You need to
drink plenty of water, make sure your fiber intake is high, and take a good quality supplements.
Many parents say they do not have enough time in their day to work out. 

My Advice: Be prepared or prepare to fail! Join a gym, pack your gym bag the night before, and
make sure you go to bed early.  People waste so much time with mindless things, like TV shows.
Set an example for your children. After all, monkey see, monkey do!  I only use Netflix and
don’t have cable by choice.  It frees-up so much time, and money that you can invest in a gym
membership and other activities to improve your family’s healthy lifestyle.  Try to jog outdoors,
go to the park, let your kids play and take a mat with you to workout.  Join a gym with daycare,
schedule your “ME time” with activities to improve yourself, take yoga classes, spin classes etc.!
Explore all fitness options ‘til you find something you really enjoy.


Dina’s Biggest Fitness Accomplishments and Goals

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