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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

“You helped me understand about emotional eating and how to make better food choices, also and most importantly, my Hispanic background and the way we eat. And of course, 100% exercising, doing it safely and within my capabilities. You are checking in with me asking for pictures, doing measurements and keeping me accountable.”

Eguardo R.

“The way I explained it to my husband was "breaking through the bullsh*t”. There were uncomfortable conversations on why I felt like I needed to lean on food for comfort. You made me realize that I used food as a mask instead of dealing with my discomfort. I felt terrible about myself no matter how much I worked out or how much good fuel I put into my body. 

Kimberly W.

“You helped me to understand how food affects my body and how it works with and against the medicines I take and how to manage stress as it caused me to overeat, have wine to destress and only got my blood pressure out of control. How to be more confident and speak up for myself. It improved my work life drastically. I’m now happy at work. You also showed me how quantity intake and calories of food works in the body. Which helped me to be mindful of what I eat and how much to eat. That changed everything for me.”

Denise B.


“Dina is incredible not only as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, but as a person who generally cares about her clients and goals above and to help them achieve their goals! She will do everything she can to encourage and motivate you to be the best version of you!”

Micah H.

“I recommend her high energy, passion for results in especially her dynamic intelligence.”

Cassidy C.

“Dina is not only an awesome trainer, but great life coach as well. I was stuck on a plateau, and she came right in to adjust my workout. With her help in the gym and in the kitchen as well, I was able to see significant results in six weeks. If you need someone knowledgeable kind and inspiring Dina is the right fit for you.”

Lydia L.

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